1121 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Towers of Key Biscayne condos for sale and rent in Key Biscayne, FL

269total units
$519,000 – $1,900,000sale price range
$2,300 – $8,000rent price range

Towers of Key Biscayne condos apartments for sale and rent in Key Biscayne, FL

PreviewUnitBathLiving Space (m²)Price per ft² (m²)Price
3 Bedrooms for Sale in Towers of Key Biscayne
C502-342,896 ft² (269 m²)$656 ($7,063)$1,900,000
F30232,402 ft² (223 m²)$741 ($7,982)$1,780,000
C80532,208 ft² (205 m²)$793 ($8,537)$1,750,000
C70532,208 ft² (205 m²)$769 ($8,288)$1,699,000
C20532,208 ft² (205 m²)$675 ($7,268)$1,490,000
C110432,228 ft² (207 m²)$628 ($6,758)$1,399,000
A80721,782 ft² (166 m²)$671 ($7,199)$1,195,000
C20322,228 ft² (207 m²)$534 ($5,749)$1,190,000
C20322,228 ft² (207 m²)$527 ($5,676)$1,175,000
E70221,782 ft² (166 m²)$645 ($6,928)$1,150,000
E30721,782 ft² (166 m²)$643 ($6,898)$1,145,000
A80721,782 ft² (166 m²)$617 ($6,627)$1,100,000
2 Bedrooms for Sale in Towers of Key Biscayne
B10721,782 ft² (166 m²)$892 ($9,578)$1,590,000
A70221,782 ft² (166 m²)$889 ($9,548)$1,585,000
A100121,782 ft² (166 m²)$800 ($8,584)$1,425,000
D10721,782 ft² (166 m²)$780 ($8,373)$1,390,000
C30621,782 ft² (166 m²)$758 ($8,133)$1,350,000
B20821,782 ft² (166 m²)$758 ($8,133)$1,350,000
A60221,782 ft² (166 m²)$758 ($8,133)$1,350,000
B10621,409 ft² (131 m²)$923 ($9,924)$1,300,000
D10721,782 ft² (166 m²)$730 ($7,831)$1,300,000
F120721,782 ft² (166 m²)$727 ($7,801)$1,295,000
F90121,782 ft² (166 m²)$699 ($7,500)$1,245,000
D50221,782 ft² (166 m²)$673 ($7,229)$1,200,000
F100721,782 ft² (166 m²)$673 ($7,229)$1,200,000
E70821,782 ft² (166 m²)$673 ($7,223)$1,199,000
D10721,782 ft² (166 m²)$659 ($7,078)$1,175,000
C100721,782 ft² (166 m²)$656 ($7,042)$1,169,000
D10721,782 ft² (166 m²)$617 ($6,620)$1,099,000
F40721,782 ft² (166 m²)$614 ($6,596)$1,095,000
F90721,782 ft² (166 m²)$606 ($6,500)$1,079,000
F40721,782 ft² (166 m²)$589 ($6,319)$1,049,000
D10621,409 ft² (131 m²)$710 ($7,634)$1,000,000
B50621,409 ft² (131 m²)$706 ($7,595)$995,000
A20721,782 ft² (166 m²)$553 ($5,934)$985,000
A20721,782 ft² (166 m²)$533 ($5,723)$950,000
A100421,409 ft² (131 m²)$666 ($7,168)$939,000
D10621,409 ft² (131 m²)$638 ($6,863)$899,000
D10421,409 ft² (131 m²)$638 ($6,863)$899,000
C30221,782 ft² (166 m²)$502 ($5,392)$895,000
D10621,409 ft² (131 m²)$610 ($6,565)$860,000
D20621,409 ft² (131 m²)$610 ($6,565)$860,000
E30221,782 ft² (166 m²)$483 ($5,181)$860,000
A60621,409 ft² (131 m²)$603 ($6,481)$849,000
F40321,597 ft² (148 m²)$532 ($5,736)$849,000
A80521,409 ft² (131 m²)$582 ($6,260)$820,000
D10421,409 ft² (131 m²)$567 ($6,099)$799,000
D40421,409 ft² (131 m²)$567 ($6,099)$799,000
E50321,409 ft² (131 m²)$566 ($6,092)$798,000
E30321,409 ft² (131 m²)$564 ($6,069)$795,000
D30521,409 ft² (131 m²)$515 ($5,534)$725,000
E90421,409 ft² (131 m²)$511 ($5,496)$720,000
E10321,409 ft² (131 m²)$510 ($5,489)$719,000
E10321,409 ft² (131 m²)$479 ($5,153)$675,000
E10321,409 ft² (131 m²)$446 ($4,802)$629,000
F20521,114 ft² (103 m²)$557 ($6,019)$620,000
4 Bedrooms for Sale in Towers of Key Biscayne
F80621,782 ft² (166 m²)$724 ($7,771)$1,290,000
1 Bedroom for Sale in Towers of Key Biscayne
F80411,114 ft² (103 m²)$484 ($5,233)$539,000
F70411,114 ft² (103 m²)$466 ($5,039)$519,000
PreviewUnitBathLiving Space (m²)Listing DatePrice
2 Bedrooms for Rent in Towers of Key Biscayne
D70321,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$8,000
A50221,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$7,000
E110621,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$6,500
A80421,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$5,900
B80221,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$5,500
A30421,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$5,500
D60121,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$5,200
A90521,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$4,800
D70321,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$4,500
E120421,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$4,500
B110521,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$4,500
E110421,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$4,250
D100421,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$4,000
C40221,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$3,950
E50321,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$3,900
1 Bedroom for Rent in Towers of Key Biscayne
F80411,114 ft² (103 m²)4 years ago$3,000
C40321,114 ft² (103 m²)5 years ago$2,950
C30311,114 ft² (103 m²)5 years ago$2,300
UnitBathLiving Space (m²)Date SoldAsking PriceSold Price
4 Bedrooms in Towers of Key Biscayne
D70743,800 ft² (353 m²)5 years ago$3,249,0009.2%$2,949,000
D120843,564 ft² (331 m²)14 years ago$2,190,0006.8%$2,350,000
C120242,896 ft² (269 m²)13 years ago$1,549,00011.2%$1,375,000
D20221,782 ft² (166 m²)3 years ago$1,390,0007.2%$1,290,000
B205/642,800 ft² (260 m²)8 years ago$979,900$979,900
3 Bedrooms in Towers of Key Biscayne
C100532,208 ft² (205 m²)5 years ago$2,199,0009%$1,999,999
F70232,402 ft² (223 m²)4 years ago$1,899,999$1,899,999
C40532,208 ft² (205 m²)6 years ago$1,899,000$1,899,000
C60532,208 ft² (205 m²)3 years ago$1,999,00012.5%$1,750,000
C120232,896 ft² (269 m²)3 years ago$1,599,900$1,599,900
F120222,402 ft² (223 m²)10 years ago$1,785,00010.6%$1,595,000
C100532,208 ft² (205 m²)14 years ago$1,459,000$1,459,000
C120532,208 ft² (205 m²)13 years ago$1,479,0005.4%$1,399,000
F30232,402 ft² (223 m²)8 years ago$1,425,0003.5%$1,375,000
F100232,402 ft² (223 m²)6 years ago$1,349,000$1,349,000
B50221,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$1,325,000$1,325,000
F120232,402 ft² (223 m²)13 years ago$1,299,000$1,299,000
C50242,896 ft² (269 m²)5 years ago$1,399,00014.6%$1,195,000
C40532,208 ft² (205 m²)7 years ago$1,149,0004.4%$1,099,000
C 70532,208 ft² (205 m²)8 years ago$1,095,000$1,095,000
C20221,782 ft² (166 m²)3 years ago$1,150,0006.5%$1,075,000
C100532,208 ft² (205 m²)10 years ago$1,099,0009.1%$999,000
C30532,208 ft² (205 m²)11 years ago$1,099,5009.5%$995,000
E70221,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$949,500$949,500
E-80221,782 ft² (166 m²)12 years ago$899,000$899,000
E60231,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$895,000$895,000
C20221,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$850,000$850,000
E70721,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$835,0001.9%$819,000
E20131,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$699,0000.1%$700,000
2 Bedrooms in Towers of Key Biscayne
B10721,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$1,750,0002.9%$1,699,000
A50821,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$1,685,000$1,685,000
B40721,782 ft² (166 m²)3 years ago$1,595,000$1,595,000
B10121,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$1,595,000$1,595,000
B10721,782 ft² (166 m²)13 years ago$1,595,000$1,595,000
A120121,782 ft² (166 m²)14 years ago$1,699,00020.8%$1,345,000
D100821,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$1,349,0003.7%$1,299,000
D-120821,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$1,490,00013.4%$1,290,000
E100821,782 ft² (166 m²)14 years ago$1,275,000$1,275,000
E70721,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$1,250,000$1,250,000
D90221,782 ft² (166 m²)3 years ago$1,249,000$1,249,000
F90121,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$1,245,000$1,245,000
A30821,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$1,200,000$1,200,000
B40821,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$2,200,00045.5%$1,200,000
A20221,782 ft² (166 m²)13 years ago$1,200,000$1,200,000
E100721,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$1,199,000$1,199,000
A70821,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$1,199,000$1,199,000
B100221,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$1,197,000$1,197,000
A80121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$1,190,000$1,190,000
A80821,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$1,190,000$1,190,000
A50221,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$1,175,000$1,175,000
A110221,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$1,170,000$1,170,000
E120521,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$1,149,999$1,149,999
B40121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$1,145,000$1,145,000
B30821,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$1,111,111$1,111,111
D60121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$1,100,000$1,100,000
B20721,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$3,50099.7%$1,100,000
F110621,782 ft² (166 m²)3 years ago$1,175,0006.4%$1,100,000
A80421,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$1,199,0009.9%$1,080,000
A30421,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$1,075,000$1,075,000
C90721,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$1,049,000$1,049,000
C110221,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$1,020,000$1,020,000
F110121,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$1,050,0002.9%$1,020,000
E90221,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$1,050,0004.8%$999,500
A30821,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$1,039,0003.8%$999,000
B80821,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$990,000$990,000
F100621,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$989,000$989,000
A50121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$980,000$980,000
A80821,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$969,000$969,000
A110821,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$995,0003.6%$959,000
B100521,409 ft² (131 m²)6 years ago$950,000$950,000
B110421,409 ft² (131 m²)3 years ago$950,000$950,000
D60821,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$949,000$949,000
D40221,782 ft² (166 m²)12 years ago$949,000$949,000
A60421,409 ft² (131 m²)6 years ago$945,000$945,000
D10121,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$937,000$937,000
F50121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$935,000$935,000
B90721,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$929,000$929,000
D20721,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$929,000$929,000
D100521,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$925,000$925,000
F80621,782 ft² (166 m²)4 years ago$925,000$925,000
F120321,597 ft² (148 m²)14 years ago$925,000$925,000
A10321,409 ft² (131 m²)3 years ago$959,0003.6%$924,950
A90121,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$985,0006.6%$920,000
D90221,782 ft² (166 m²)14 years ago$910,000$910,000
B90521,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$899,900$899,900
D80721,782 ft² (166 m²)12 years ago$899,000$899,000
C70621,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$899,000$899,000
D40721,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$899,000$899,000
D30821,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$899,000$899,000
F120121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$927,0003.2%$897,000
F70721,782 ft² (166 m²)14 years ago$939,0004.7%$895,000
E50121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$899,0001%$890,000
F40321,597 ft² (148 m²)3 years ago$889,000$889,000
A30421,409 ft² (131 m²)14 years ago$889,000$889,000
F70721,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$888,000$888,000
E110821,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$875,000$875,000
E30821,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$875,000$875,000
C80221,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$875,000$875,000
E70821,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$930,0005.9%$875,000
E80721,782 ft² (166 m²)12 years ago$875,000$875,000
B80221,782 ft² (166 m²)12 years ago$995,00012.1%$875,000
D90821,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$875,000$875,000
B50521,409 ft² (131 m²)3 years ago$910,0004.4%$870,000
E40221,782 ft² (166 m²)5 years ago$870,0001.1%$860,000
B120421,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$859,000$859,000
D70121,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$859,000$859,000
A90821,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$950,0009.6%$859,000
A90421,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$859,000$859,000
C90221,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$850,000$850,000
B80621,409 ft² (131 m²)14 years ago$849,000$849,000
D80621,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$839,000$839,000
D60421,409 ft² (131 m²)3 years ago$839,000$839,000
B110621,409 ft² (131 m²)2 years ago$839,000$839,000
F40721,782 ft² (166 m²)14 years ago$865,0003.5%$835,000
E50121,782 ft² (166 m²)14 years ago$860,0002.9%$835,000
A80121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$829,000$829,000
B30421,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$829,000$829,000
E90821,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$849,0002.4%$829,000
B80321,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$829,000$829,000
F70621,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$820,0001%$828,000
D80421,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$825,000$825,000
D70621,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$849,0002.8%$825,000
B40421,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$840,0002.4%$820,000
D120621,409 ft² (131 m²)3 years ago$859,0004.7%$819,000
D20624 years ago$810,000$810,000
A60321,409 ft² (131 m²)3 years ago$799,990$799,990
F120321,597 ft² (148 m²)8 years ago$799,000$799,000
E80121,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$799,000$799,000
D50721,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$798,000$798,000
C80621,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$797,000$797,000
A70721,782 ft² (166 m²)13 years ago$795,000$795,000
A20821,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$899,00011.6%$795,000
D10721,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$790,000$790,000
B60221,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$790,000$790,000
A80721,782 ft² (166 m²)6 years ago$810,0002.5%$790,000
D40721,782 ft² (166 m²)13 years ago$849,5007.1%$789,000
C120621,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$785,000$785,000
E110621,409 ft² (131 m²)14 years ago$799,0002.5%$779,000
D70221,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$775,000$775,000
C70121,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$775,000$775,000
E20821,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$790,0002.5%$770,000
C70221,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$779,0001.4%$768,000
F40321,597 ft² (148 m²)12 years ago$800,0006.2%$750,000
C120121,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$769,9002.6%$749,900
E20821,782 ft² (166 m²)13 years ago$779,0003.9%$749,000
A70421,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$769,0002.6%$749,000
A110521,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$749,000$749,000
A90521,409 ft² (131 m²)2 years ago$795,0005.8%$749,000
D110721,782 ft² (166 m²)11 years ago$799,0006.3%$749,000
E70321,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$749,000$749,000
B120321,409 ft² (131 m²)12 years ago$789,0005.3%$747,000
C50121,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$759,0002%$744,000
C20322,228 ft² (207 m²)7 years ago$739,900$739,900
D20821,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$739,000$739,000
A30621,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$749,0001.3%$739,000
E40121,782 ft² (166 m²)10 years ago$739,000$739,000
D10721,782 ft² (166 m²)12 years ago$799,0008%$735,000
D30321,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$729,900$729,900
A70521,409 ft² (131 m²)5 years ago$729,000$729,000
E50621,409 ft² (131 m²)6 years ago$749,9003.3%$725,000
F120721,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$725,000$725,000
B80421,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$749,0004%$719,000
A80521,409 ft² (131 m²)4 years ago$775,0007.7%$715,000
C30621,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$720,0001.4%$710,000
E80621,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$710,000$710,000
E20221,782 ft² (166 m²)7 years ago$700,000$700,000
F90621,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$699,900$699,900
A80721,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$749,0006.7%$699,000
E70121,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$699,000$699,000
B10621,409 ft² (131 m²)9 years ago$799,00012.5%$699,000
C50721,782 ft² (166 m²)12 years ago$749,0006.7%$699,000
D90621,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$699,000$699,000
F120621,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$699,000$699,000
E90321,409 ft² (131 m²)6 years ago$725,0003.6%$699,000
F110621,782 ft² (166 m²)9 years ago$725,0003.6%$699,000
A20321,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$769,0009.1%$699,000
F40121,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$738,0005.4%$698,000
A40621,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$695,000$695,000
B90321,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$695,000$695,000
D50421,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$690,000$690,000
D50421,409 ft² (131 m²)6 years ago$689,500$689,500
E120421,409 ft² (131 m²)6 years ago$689,000$689,000
E60721,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$739,0008.7%$675,000
B80521,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$675,000$675,000
B110321,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$669,000$669,000
D10621,409 ft² (131 m²)14 years ago$665,000$665,000
D70321,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$650,000$650,000
D10621,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$650,000$650,000
B90421,409 ft² (131 m²)12 years ago$649,500$649,500
B100321,409 ft² (131 m²)12 years ago$649,000$649,000
E30721,782 ft² (166 m²)13 years ago$699,0007.2%$649,000
E40321,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$649,000$649,000
A50421,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$639,000$639,000
D50521,409 ft² (131 m²)6 years ago$650,0003.8%$625,000
E110621,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$624,000$624,000
B90621,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$615,000$615,000
B40421,409 ft² (131 m²)12 years ago$607,000$607,000
A60621,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$600,000$600,000
D30321,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$600,000$600,000
C20721,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$629,0004.8%$599,000
F120321,597 ft² (148 m²)8 years ago$599,000$599,000
A40321,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$698,99914.3%$599,000
B40421,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$625,0004.8%$595,000
D10321,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$672,00012.2%$590,000
E110521,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$589,000$589,000
D70321,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$589,000$589,000
E120621,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$685,00014.6%$585,000
A30521,409 ft² (131 m²)2 years ago$719,00019.5%$579,000
D10221,782 ft² (166 m²)8 years ago$575,000$575,000
E70521,409 ft² (131 m²)12 years ago$595,0004.4%$569,000
B60321,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$559,000$559,000
E120321,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$580,0005.2%$550,000
D110421,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$550,000$550,000
B60421,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$549,000$549,000
D20321,409 ft² (131 m²)7 years ago$540,000$540,000
A10521,409 ft² (131 m²)13 years ago$599,00010%$539,000
D100321,409 ft² (131 m²)9 years ago$535,000$535,000
F100321,597 ft² (148 m²)8 years ago$699,90024.3%$529,900
A90521,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$560,0005.5%$529,000
A80621,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$549,0003.6%$529,000
A90621,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$550,0004.5%$525,000
E80321,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$499,000$499,000
D40321,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$529,0005.7%$499,000
E50521,409 ft² (131 m²)9 years ago$479,000$479,000
D90621,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$520,0008.7%$475,000
A10521,409 ft² (131 m²)9 years ago$494,0004%$474,000
D20521,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$499,0006%$469,000
E120321,409 ft² (131 m²)14 years ago$479,9004.4%$459,000
E10421,409 ft² (131 m²)8 years ago$470,0003.2%$455,000
D906210 years ago$450,000$450,000
B20421,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$399,00011.3%$450,000
E50421,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$449,0002.2%$439,000
A30621,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$439,000$439,000
A20621,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$425,0002.3%$435,000
E70421,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$460,0006.5%$430,000
D10321,409 ft² (131 m²)11 years ago$429,000$429,000
B20321,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$425,000$425,000
A40621,409 ft² (131 m²)9 years ago$445,0004.5%$425,000
E60421,409 ft² (131 m²)9 years ago$420,000$420,000
E70321,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$399,000$399,000
A90521,409 ft² (131 m²)9 years ago$394,750$394,750
F50321,597 ft² (148 m²)9 years ago$384,900$384,900
E10421,409 ft² (131 m²)10 years ago$339,000$339,000
1 Bedroom in Towers of Key Biscayne
F110511,114 ft² (103 m²)14 years ago$565,000$565,000
F100411,114 ft² (103 m²)14 years ago$559,0000.2%$559,900
F100411,114 ft² (103 m²)6 years ago$550,000$550,000
F80511,114 ft² (103 m²)14 years ago$529,9000.9%$524,900
C60411,114 ft² (103 m²)6 years ago$495,000$495,000
C90411,114 ft² (103 m²)7 years ago$480,000$480,000
C50411,114 ft² (103 m²)4 years ago$479,000$479,000
F110411,114 ft² (103 m²)11 years ago$470,000$470,000
F60411,114 ft² (103 m²)4 years ago$469,000$469,000
C60411,114 ft² (103 m²)7 years ago$449,000$449,000
C40411,114 ft² (103 m²)13 years ago$479,0008.4%$439,000
F90411,114 ft² (103 m²)8 years ago$405,000$405,000
F100511,114 ft² (103 m²)8 years ago$399,000$399,000
C30311,114 ft² (103 m²)7 years ago$397,000$397,000
F90511,114 ft² (103 m²)7 years ago$409,9004.9%$389,900
C40311,114 ft² (103 m²)5 years ago$385,000$385,000
F60511,114 ft² (103 m²)9 years ago$349,000$349,000
F40411,114 ft² (103 m²)9 years ago$380,00011.8%$335,000
F20511,114 ft² (103 m²)10 years ago$349,00014.1%$299,900

Towers of Key Biscayne Condo location in Key Biscayne Map

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