3801 OCEAN DR, Hollywood, FL 33019

Tides condos for sale and rent in Hollywood, FL

276total units
$300,000 – $580,000sale price range
$1,550 – $5,500rent price range

Tides condos apartments for sale and rent in Hollywood, FL

PreviewUnitBathLiving Space (m²)Price per ft² (m²)Price
2 Bedrooms for Sale in Tides
5F21,173 ft² (109 m²)$494 ($5,321)$580,000
5F21,173 ft² (109 m²)$482 ($5,183)$565,000
7O21,173 ft² (109 m²)$448 ($4,817)$525,000
n6021,173 ft² (109 m²)$425 ($4,578)$499,000
2G11,236 ft² (115 m²)$396 ($4,261)$490,000
11W21,173 ft² (109 m²)$409 ($4,404)$480,000
2V21,176 ft² (109 m²)$407 ($4,395)$479,000
4X11,236 ft² (115 m²)$380 ($4,087)$470,000
7V21,176 ft² (109 m²)$400 ($4,311)$469,900
3E21,355 ft² (126 m²)$343 ($3,690)$465,000
12V21,176 ft² (109 m²)$391 ($4,219)$459,900
3O21,173 ft² (109 m²)$383 ($4,119)$449,000
PH16V21,176 ft² (109 m²)$378 ($4,082)$444,900
9O21,173 ft² (109 m²)$373 ($4,018)$438,000
5V21,176 ft² (109 m²)$364 ($3,927)$428,000
2O21,173 ft² (109 m²)$350 ($3,761)$409,999
1 Bedroom for Sale in Tides
15H1874 ft² (81 m²)$491 ($5,296)$429,000
14M1874 ft² (81 m²)$486 ($5,247)$425,000
9M1874 ft² (81 m²)$482 ($5,198)$421,000
6L11,070 ft² (99 m²)$374 ($4,040)$400,000
14A1874 ft² (81 m²)$457 ($4,926)$399,000
14R1812 ft² (75 m²)$486 ($5,267)$395,000
14R1812 ft² (75 m²)$479 ($5,187)$389,000
PH16K1875 ft² (81 m²)$434 ($4,691)$380,000
14A1874 ft² (81 m²)$435 ($4,690)$379,900
PH16K1874 ft² (81 m²)$432 ($4,667)$378,000
14K1874 ft² (81 m²)$429 ($4,630)$375,000
5L11,070 ft² (99 m²)$350 ($3,788)$375,000
7Q1812 ft² (75 m²)$462 ($5,000)$375,000
12K1874 ft² (81 m²)$423 ($4,567)$369,900
14R1812 ft² (75 m²)$450 ($4,867)$365,000
1B1874 ft² (81 m²)$412 ($4,444)$360,000
9H1874 ft² (81 m²)$412 ($4,444)$360,000
12K1874 ft² (81 m²)$411 ($4,432)$359,000
3K1874 ft² (81 m²)$406 ($4,383)$355,000
9K1874 ft² (81 m²)$400 ($4,321)$350,000
12Q1812 ft² (75 m²)$431 ($4,667)$350,000
2U1812 ft² (75 m²)$430 ($4,653)$349,000
2M1874 ft² (81 m²)$395 ($4,259)$345,000
2Q1812 ft² (75 m²)$419 ($4,533)$340,000
2S1789 ft² (73 m²)$430 ($4,644)$339,000
5K1874 ft² (81 m²)$388 ($4,185)$339,000
3K1874 ft² (81 m²)$382 ($4,123)$334,000
3H1874 ft² (81 m²)$377 ($4,073)$329,900
12R1812 ft² (75 m²)$400 ($4,333)$325,000
1B1874 ft² (81 m²)$360 ($3,889)$315,000
12R1812 ft² (75 m²)$388 ($4,200)$315,000
6S1789 ft² (73 m²)$380 ($4,110)$300,000
PreviewUnitBathLiving Space (m²)Listing DatePrice
2 Bedrooms for Rent in Tides
9N11,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$5,500
2X21,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$4,400
5G15 years ago$3,500
7X11,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$3,500
PHV21,176 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$3,250
PH16W21,173 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$3,000
10V21,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$2,950
15V21,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$2,500
6P21,176 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$2,400
N9O21,173 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$2,100
1 Bedroom for Rent in Tides
15D1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$3,300
6Y1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$3,000
10J1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$3,000
N4C1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$2,650
PH16L11,070 ft² (99 m²)4 years ago$2,600
9Q1812 ft² (75 m²)4 years ago$2,599
11Y1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$2,500
10H1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$2,500
10Q1812 ft² (75 m²)4 years ago$2,500
5K1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$2,250
6S14 years ago$2,100
8T14 years ago$2,100
15T1812 ft² (75 m²)4 years ago$2,100
11M1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$1,975
11R1870 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$1,750
11Q1950 ft² (88 m²)4 years ago$1,700
7 R14 years ago$1,600
8Q1812 ft² (75 m²)4 years ago$1,550
UnitBathLiving Space (m²)Date SoldAsking PriceSold Price
2 Bedrooms in Tides
N-9F213 years ago$629,000$629,000
N-6W21,184 ft² (110 m²)13 years ago$497,50020.4%$625,000
N-8 W21,173 ft² (109 m²)13 years ago$470,00023.6%$615,000
PH16F21,173 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$650,0007.7%$600,000
N-15F213 years ago$600,000$600,000
15F21,200 ft² (111 m²)5 years ago$595,000$595,000
N-8E213 years ago$580,000$580,000
12E21,355 ft² (126 m²)4 years ago$559,0003.5%$579,000
11F21,173 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$559,000$559,000
PH16N11,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$559,000$559,000
10F21,173 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$559,000$559,000
5E21,355 ft² (126 m²)12 years ago$550,000$550,000
16G11,236 ft² (115 m²)3 years ago$539,9001.8%$529,990
8P21,176 ft² (109 m²)3 years ago$519,0004.6%$495,000
8P21,176 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$490,000$490,000
14G11,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$499,0006.8%$465,000
11W21,173 ft² (109 m²)3 years ago$460,000$460,000
N-6X113 years ago$460,000$460,000
8 X11,246 ft² (116 m²)6 years ago$460,000$460,000
N-14W213 years ago$460,000$460,000
14N11,236 ft² (115 m²)2 years ago$460,000$460,000
8 N11,354 ft² (126 m²)13 years ago$499,0008%$459,000
7 X11,246 ft² (116 m²)5 years ago$450,000$450,000
16 PH21,355 ft² (126 m²)2 years ago$449,900$449,900
5G11,236 ft² (115 m²)5 years ago$449,000$449,000
10 V21,176 ft² (109 m²)3 years ago$449,000$449,000
9V21,176 ft² (109 m²)3 years ago$449,000$449,000
11X11,246 ft² (116 m²)13 years ago$479,0006.3%$449,000
N8P21,177 ft² (109 m²)13 years ago$439,000$439,000
7F26 years ago$439,000$439,000
10X11,236 ft² (115 m²)5 years ago$429,000$429,000
2F21,173 ft² (109 m²)5 years ago$429,000$429,000
PH16X11,276 ft² (119 m²)6 years ago$425,500$425,500
N-10P213 years ago$410,000$410,000
8-V21,180 ft² (110 m²)13 years ago$419,0004.5%$399,999
12W26 years ago$399,800$399,800
N-5X11,200 ft² (111 m²)13 years ago$399,000$399,000
6E21,355 ft² (126 m²)5 years ago$394,0001.3%$399,000
9X11,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$394,000$394,000
N10N11,236 ft² (115 m²)6 years ago$394,9001.3%$389,900
PH16O21,173 ft² (109 m²)5 years ago$389,000$389,000
8O25 years ago$389,000$389,000
2V21,178 ft² (109 m²)12 years ago$389,000$389,000
3X11,236 ft² (115 m²)4 years ago$359,9006.5%$385,000
4 N11,246 ft² (116 m²)5 years ago$385,000$385,000
N9W21,173 ft² (109 m²)4 years ago$379,5001.4%$385,000
4G11,236 ft² (115 m²)5 years ago$379,500$379,500
14V21,176 ft² (109 m²)5 years ago$378,000$378,000
7X11,000 ft² (93 m²)7 years ago$369,000$369,000
6X11,236 ft² (115 m²)6 years ago$364,900$364,900
12X17 years ago$364,5000.2%$363,950
4W21,173 ft² (109 m²)3 years ago$379,9005.3%$359,900
PH16W21,173 ft² (109 m²)5 years ago$377,9005.4%$357,500
9X11,236 ft² (115 m²)5 years ago$357,000$357,000
6E21,355 ft² (126 m²)5 years ago$350,000$350,000
2V21,176 ft² (109 m²)3 years ago$379,9007.9%$349,900
5X11,236 ft² (115 m²)5 years ago$360,0004.2%$345,000
N1E21,355 ft² (126 m²)5 years ago$350,0002.9%$340,000
12G11,236 ft² (115 m²)5 years ago$348,9005%$331,500
15O21,184 ft² (110 m²)6 years ago$329,900$329,900
N9W21,173 ft² (109 m²)5 years ago$324,000$324,000
12V21,176 ft² (109 m²)5 years ago$349,9008.5%$320,000
11N18 years ago$319,900$319,900
N7G11,236 ft² (115 m²)3 years ago$319,300$319,300
N14G11,276 ft² (119 m²)7 years ago$357,50011.9%$315,000
N11W21,173 ft² (109 m²)7 years ago$315,0001.6%$310,000
6N11,236 ft² (115 m²)6 years ago$284,900$284,900
11-F211 years ago$264,9007%$284,900
14W21,173 ft² (109 m²)8 years ago$325,00013.8%$280,000
N-9F21,236 ft² (115 m²)11 years ago$279,000$279,000
1F21,178 ft² (109 m²)9 years ago$279,000$279,000
11V21,176 ft² (109 m²)7 years ago$279,000$279,000
2N16 years ago$287,2103.2%$278,000
10G11,187 ft² (110 m²)11 years ago$267,900$267,900
3V21,176 ft² (109 m²)6 years ago$259,900$259,900
7N11,236 ft² (115 m²)8 years ago$279,0007.2%$259,000
8N11,276 ft² (119 m²)8 years ago$249,000$249,000
9V21,176 ft² (109 m²)7 years ago$247,000$247,000
6P21,265 ft² (118 m²)8 years ago$249,5004%$239,500
1F211 years ago$239,000$239,000
12O21,184 ft² (110 m²)7 years ago$239,000$239,000
9N21,200 ft² (111 m²)10 years ago$239,000$239,000
4N18 years ago$239,000$239,000
11- O21,200 ft² (111 m²)11 years ago$237,900$237,900
N12W21,176 ft² (109 m²)10 years ago$245,5004.1%$235,500
12 N110 years ago$230,000$230,000
11W210 years ago$220,000$220,000
14F28 years ago$210,000$210,000
6W211 years ago$209,000$209,000
14X111 years ago$224,9007.5%$208,049
N-8-W21,184 ft² (110 m²)10 years ago$199,975$199,975
8P21,200 ft² (111 m²)11 years ago$213,9006.5%$199,900
N-5X11,200 ft² (111 m²)9 years ago$207,0003.9%$199,000
2E21,355 ft² (126 m²)9 years ago$199,000$199,000
15X11,220 ft² (113 m²)9 years ago$209,0004.8%$199,000
10X17 years ago$195,000$195,000
7N21,236 ft² (115 m²)9 years ago$193,700$193,700
PH16P21,176 ft² (109 m²)9 years ago$195,7501.5%$192,750
N-5-N11,276 ft² (119 m²)10 years ago$209,5008.1%$192,500
15V28 years ago$189,995$189,995
N 5W21,173 ft² (109 m²)8 years ago$199,9005%$189,900
7X19 years ago$204,9007.3%$189,900
6X11,236 ft² (115 m²)8 years ago$183,000$183,000
14E29 years ago$200,00010%$180,000
N2W21,179 ft² (110 m²)8 years ago$169,0005.6%$179,000
2X11,236 ft² (115 m²)8 years ago$190,9007.9%$175,900
15P21,176 ft² (109 m²)10 years ago$184,9005.4%$174,900
8X18 years ago$188,0008%$173,000
6G18 years ago$170,000$170,000
9E210 years ago$169,900$169,900
4V21,200 ft² (111 m²)7 years ago$175,9004%$168,800
4F21,173 ft² (109 m²)10 years ago$168,300$168,300
11G11,236 ft² (115 m²)8 years ago$160,000$160,000
8O210 years ago$160,000$160,000
N6F21,173 ft² (109 m²)9 years ago$159,900$159,900
3O29 years ago$159,900$159,900
N3W21,173 ft² (109 m²)8 years ago$154,900$154,900
N2O21,100 ft² (102 m²)10 years ago$143,000$143,000
14W210 years ago$142,900$142,900
4N11,236 ft² (115 m²)9 years ago$139,900$139,900
5P21,176 ft² (109 m²)9 years ago$128,700$128,700
1 Bedroom in Tides
11L1933 ft² (87 m²)12 years ago$500,000$500,000
N8L11,076 ft² (100 m²)13 years ago$474,000$474,000
PHJ112 years ago$459,0004.4%$439,000
6-H1931 ft² (86 m²)12 years ago$429,900$429,900
11C1931 ft² (86 m²)12 years ago$459,0008.5%$419,900
N-15M113 years ago$405,000$405,000
14B1875 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$399,900$399,900
11K1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$399,500$399,500
N-11Y113 years ago$398,000$398,000
N-12J113 years ago$390,000$390,000
N-12H113 years ago$385,000$385,000
N-15D113 years ago$385,000$385,000
N-14Y113 years ago$375,000$375,000
N-12Z113 years ago$370,000$370,000
N-7J113 years ago$370,000$370,000
PH16H1874 ft² (81 m²)3 years ago$370,000$370,000
N-14H112 years ago$390,0005.1%$370,000
N-7M1874 ft² (81 m²)13 years ago$395,0006.6%$369,000
N-7H113 years ago$365,000$365,000
4L11,070 ft² (99 m²)13 years ago$375,0002.7%$365,000
14R1812 ft² (75 m²)4 years ago$365,000$365,000
N-11Z113 years ago$390,0007.7%$360,000
N-12Y112 years ago$385,0006.5%$360,000
N-7B113 years ago$355,000$355,000
PH16L11,070 ft² (99 m²)6 years ago$348,9000.3%$347,900
N15L11,070 ft² (99 m²)5 years ago$345,000$345,000
N-3M113 years ago$340,000$340,000
N-5A113 years ago$340,000$340,000
2K1874 ft² (81 m²)2 years ago$340,000$340,000
5C1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$350,0002.9%$340,000
7Y1900 ft² (84 m²)13 years ago$339,000$339,000
8Z1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$330,000$330,000
6A1874 ft² (81 m²)2 years ago$329,000$329,000
3K1874 ft² (81 m²)2 years ago$329,000$329,000
12K15 years ago$325,000$325,000
7T1812 ft² (75 m²)3 years ago$329,0002.7%$320,000
8B15 years ago$329,0002.8%$319,900
2H1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$319,000$319,000
7B1874 ft² (81 m²)6 years ago$324,0001.5%$319,000
12A1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$315,0001.6%$309,900
N1K1931 ft² (86 m²)13 years ago$319,0003.1%$309,000
N-2D112 years ago$330,0007.6%$305,000
6Z1874 ft² (81 m²)3 years ago$305,000$305,000
12L1812 ft² (75 m²)5 years ago$244,50018.5%$300,000
4M11,005 ft² (93 m²)6 years ago$300,000$300,000
15Y1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$299,999$299,999
7Q1812 ft² (75 m²)2 years ago$319,9996.3%$299,900
N-3R113 years ago$299,000$299,000
1J1874 ft² (81 m²)2 years ago$314,9005%$299,000
6R1812 ft² (75 m²)2 years ago$299,0001.3%$295,000
11L112 years ago$299,0001.3%$295,000
15T1812 ft² (75 m²)5 years ago$295,000$295,000
12Z16 years ago$295,000$295,000
N-3S113 years ago$294,000$294,000
PH16J1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$292,500$292,500
2U1812 ft² (75 m²)3 years ago$298,0003%$289,000
10Z1874 ft² (81 m²)4 years ago$297,5003.6%$286,900
3D1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$286,200$286,200
6L11,184 ft² (110 m²)10 years ago$285,000$285,000
N-11Y15 years ago$230,00019.3%$285,000
5Y1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$279,900$279,900
5K1815 ft² (76 m²)5 years ago$279,900$279,900
3M1812 ft² (75 m²)4 years ago$289,0003.1%$279,900
9B1874 ft² (81 m²)6 years ago$279,500$279,500
6Y1874 ft² (81 m²)6 years ago$275,000$275,000
8R1812 ft² (75 m²)6 years ago$275,000$275,000
10S1789 ft² (73 m²)5 years ago$274,000$274,000
PH16Q1812 ft² (75 m²)4 years ago$271,000$271,000
3Y1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$270,000$270,000
5U1812 ft² (75 m²)5 years ago$279,9003.6%$269,900
14Q15 years ago$276,9002.5%$269,900
N1U1855 ft² (79 m²)13 years ago$289,0006.9%$269,000
10M1900 ft² (84 m²)6 years ago$269,000$269,000
5S1789 ft² (73 m²)4 years ago$274,9005.5%$259,900
N-8R112 years ago$270,0004.1%$259,000
11M17 years ago$220,00012%$250,000
15K17 years ago$235,0005.6%$249,000
14L110 years ago$249,000$249,000
5D1874 ft² (81 m²)7 years ago$247,500$247,500
14S1865 ft² (80 m²)12 years ago$244,999$244,999
14H18 years ago$244,0002%$239,000
9 Y17 years ago$220,0006.4%$235,000
N-6J111 years ago$231,900$231,900
4T1812 ft² (75 m²)5 years ago$259,00011.2%$230,000
N15M1874 ft² (81 m²)7 years ago$229,500$229,500
6D1850 ft² (79 m²)7 years ago$229,7000.1%$229,500
12U17 years ago$225,000$225,000
1C1874 ft² (81 m²)3 years ago$249,90010%$224,900
7S1745 ft² (69 m²)11 years ago$249,0009.7%$224,900
10L110 years ago$219,000$219,000
PH16T1870 ft² (81 m²)7 years ago$198,0006.6%$212,000
4A1874 ft² (81 m²)7 years ago$211,900$211,900
15K1960 ft² (89 m²)7 years ago$199,900$199,900
5M1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$186,9006.5%$199,800
10U1812 ft² (75 m²)7 years ago$199,000$199,000
12Q1812 ft² (75 m²)7 years ago$199,000$199,000
N15A18 years ago$199,000$199,000
12R1817 ft² (76 m²)7 years ago$190,0003.6%$197,000
7K1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$194,500$194,500
5R19 years ago$190,000$190,000
10Y1820 ft² (76 m²)9 years ago$189,000$189,000
2S16 years ago$189,000$189,000
2A1860 ft² (80 m²)11 years ago$195,9005%$186,200
5C1930 ft² (86 m²)9 years ago$179,0003.2%$184,900
10A1950 ft² (88 m²)9 years ago$189,0002.2%$184,900
9D1900 ft² (84 m²)10 years ago$180,000$180,000
3S1789 ft² (73 m²)7 years ago$179,900$179,900
6L111 years ago$179,900$179,900
8U1812 ft² (75 m²)7 years ago$179,000$179,000
12D1900 ft² (84 m²)8 years ago$175,900$175,900
N11D1884 ft² (82 m²)10 years ago$175,900$175,900
12Q18 years ago$175,000$175,000
10K1874 ft² (81 m²)5 years ago$175,000$175,000
PH16R1950 ft² (88 m²)9 years ago$184,9005.4%$174,900
11B1874 ft² (81 m²)9 years ago$174,500$174,500
PH16K1874 ft² (81 m²)9 years ago$179,9005.6%$169,900
N-14-M1930 ft² (86 m²)9 years ago$169,900$169,900
3J1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$164,5002.5%$168,800
5R1874 ft² (81 m²)7 years ago$179,0007.8%$165,000
N12M110 years ago$178,9007.8%$165,000
9K1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$158,4003.9%$164,800
N12C1874 ft² (81 m²)7 years ago$164,500$164,500
8H1900 ft² (84 m²)9 years ago$163,800$163,800
N2C111 years ago$160,000$160,000
5R19 years ago$160,000$160,000
14J18 years ago$169,9005.9%$159,900
5D1900 ft² (84 m²)7 years ago$149,0006.3%$159,000
4A110 years ago$159,0001.9%$155,900
N12A1884 ft² (82 m²)10 years ago$155,900$155,900
2L17 years ago$155,900$155,900
11C1963 ft² (89 m²)9 years ago$150,0003.2%$155,000
N-2-Q1870 ft² (81 m²)9 years ago$155,5000.8%$154,250
N9C110 years ago$152,900$152,900
N6C1884 ft² (82 m²)10 years ago$150,900$150,900
10H110 years ago$150,000$150,000
7Z18 years ago$150,000$150,000
5H18 years ago$465,00067.7%$150,000
2A1961 ft² (89 m²)10 years ago$150,000$150,000
4H1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$149,9950%$149,993
5U1812 ft² (75 m²)7 years ago$159,9006.3%$149,900
7A1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$148,7770.7%$149,777
N2H1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$149,9000.9%$148,500
14Z110 years ago$147,300$147,300
N12U110 years ago$149,9002.7%$145,900
2M18 years ago$145,000$145,000
11-Z110 years ago$147,0002%$144,000
3L18 years ago$141,900$141,900
14R1850 ft² (79 m²)7 years ago$225,00037.8%$140,000
15H19 years ago$130,0007.1%$140,000
4Y11,000 ft² (93 m²)7 years ago$139,900$139,900
4L11,070 ft² (99 m²)9 years ago$139,900$139,900
7C1874 ft² (81 m²)9 years ago$139,000$139,000
10C1930 ft² (86 m²)9 years ago$138,500$138,500
12H110 years ago$193,00028.5%$138,000
15U110 years ago$137,700$137,700
9J19 years ago$136,740$136,740
6H1812 ft² (75 m²)9 years ago$133,650$133,650
15C1874 ft² (81 m²)10 years ago$132,900$132,900
N2Z1931 ft² (86 m²)9 years ago$140,9007.1%$130,900
14U1850 ft² (79 m²)9 years ago$110,00015.4%$130,000
9B1931 ft² (86 m²)6 years ago$130,000$130,000
10B1874 ft² (81 m²)10 years ago$130,000$130,000
7K18 years ago$129,999$129,999
15S110 years ago$139,9007.1%$129,900
11U1931 ft² (86 m²)10 years ago$129,900$129,900
11J110 years ago$129,900$129,900
6B1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$129,900$129,900
14T1812 ft² (75 m²)8 years ago$129,000$129,000
N-2-K1900 ft² (84 m²)9 years ago$126,9990.1%$126,899
7A19 years ago$126,500$126,500
15J11,091 ft² (101 m²)10 years ago$125,000$125,000
11T19 years ago$124,900$124,900
3C19 years ago$124,900$124,900
12K110 years ago$124,900$124,900
14L11,070 ft² (99 m²)10 years ago$123,900$123,900
8C11,000 ft² (93 m²)10 years ago$139,90014.3%$119,900
15Q1812 ft² (75 m²)8 years ago$119,900$119,900
5Z1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$119,900$119,900
N-8-T1870 ft² (81 m²)10 years ago$118,900$118,900
9D1874 ft² (81 m²)10 years ago$117,315$117,315
11B19 years ago$90,00021.7%$115,000
1D1874 ft² (81 m²)8 years ago$128,69911%$114,599
11Q1812 ft² (75 m²)10 years ago$113,900$113,900
5B110 years ago$140,00021.4%$110,000
5T18 years ago$109,900$109,900
3Z1938 ft² (87 m²)9 years ago$124,90012%$109,900
2T1812 ft² (75 m²)8 years ago$106,000$106,000
N-2-Q1875 ft² (81 m²)10 years ago$108,9002.8%$105,900
4S1870 ft² (81 m²)9 years ago$119,00011.8%$105,000
14Q19 years ago$105,000$105,000
6S19 years ago$105,000$105,000
10U18 years ago$105,000$105,000
N1U18 years ago$104,000$104,000
10R110 years ago$97,900$97,900
7Y1874 ft² (81 m²)9 years ago$85,200$85,200
1B1874 ft² (81 m²)10 years ago$82,900$82,900
3B110 years ago$80,190$80,190
N-2-S1789 ft² (73 m²)9 years ago$77,000$77,000
Key Details
  • Year Build:1968
  • Developer:MCZ Development

Tides Condo location in Hollywood Map

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Tides Condo is located in Hollywood. Built in 1968, Tides is a 16 story condo with 276 total residences. Currently, Tides offers 48 homes for sale, and 28 homes for rent. The price for sale ranges from $300,000 to $580,000. The price for rent at Tides ranges from $1,550 to $5,500. 0 units was sold at Tides in the past 12 months.